Tridens Vol.1-3 cdr [fag tapes, 2009] FLAC

Received my Fag Tapes Package today,
Secure re-rip of this Killer Triple cdr-set in FLAC from me.
Head Boggle, AC, Sick Llama. Everybody enjoy + Happy New Year !!!

Perispirit - Cynical Overlaps c36 [semata productions, 2009]

Nice new Drone Cassette on the highly recommendable
Semata Label, two slowly up building Pieces that will
please you.

AFX Analord 1-11 Rephlex WEB FLAC 2010

"On 24 December 2009, the Website of Rephlex was Re-Launched which included 20 Unreleased and Alternative Tracks for many of the Analord Releases in Digital Formats."

Well, not Noise or Experimental, but this is incredible great Thing, im listening Non-Stop Guys, uploading right now on Multiupload the whole Flac Thing (1,5gb), Yiiiihaaaaah !!!

here are the Links: (8 x 200 MB Parts) You need all 8 Volumes to Extract !

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Regression - Sun Damage c15_Worm Shit c15 [aa records, 2009]

Disturbing new Releases from Nate Young
on his Aryan Asshole Label, sounds like Psycho Noise
Blues in some Way, very DARK and from the End
of this World...

Leavenworth & Reverend Rhodes cdr [a soundesign, 2009]

Phil Ross (5nakefork) and Ryan Rodine,
EPIC sounding Masterpiece of TOP Synth
from a Soundesign Label, i instantly felt
in Love with this... Fantastic Release,
really ! Enjoy Everybody for Christmas,
your Friend,

Skull :-D


Michael Hedges Christmas Special

Members, once i saw this Name "Michael Hedges" in Daniel Lopatins
Playlist this Year and i first managed to grab some Mp3s of this Guy.
These two Albums here are one of the finest Moments in pure Guitar
playing the smooth Way i ever heard. His ultra great playing of his
Instrument makes him a Master that sadly died very Young.
His first two Albums are both equally strong and for me in
a Way really esoteric. Well, theve been released on the mainly
cheesy Windham Hill New Age Label, so some put him also in
the New Age Area, but for me these Records are only one Thing,
REAL MUSIC that works for your Hearts especially now at the

try this Stuff, both in FLAC:


Thanks to Everyone who stays here and enjoys the Blog !


The Nevari Butchers - Shatter all Organized Activities c30 [hanson, 2009]


Skin Graft - Caged c30 [hermitage, 2009]

Skin Graft finally playing on the first
Line of current Noise Artists, producing intense
Blasts of supreme Mastership.

White Leather - Kitten with a Whip c30 [exbx, 2009]

Bang ! This Cassette Bursts out one of the
finest Moments in current Noise, Blues Noise ?===
Listen and decide yourself, i'm addicted to
this !!! KILLER

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Like a Duck to Water LP [earthquack, 1976]

Finally managed to get my Own Copy of this
Classic Synth Opus, wonderful, hypnotic and Deep
as fuck...i remember Daniel Lopatin once
postet a YouTube Video from them on my MySpace
and so i got into their Music :-D
My own Vinyl Rip of this !

Fragments - Inoculum c20 [hermitage, 2009]

New Jam from this outstanding Group,
excellent as always !!!

Docile Dawn - Pulsar Music c23 [a soundesign, 2009]

Nice new Deep Synth Tape from Sam Goldberg and Jeff Host,
in a Direction similar to Outer Space or Mist.
Just not Sweet enough to make it Cheesy,
check this out.

Dog Lady - Children of the Torn Snare cdr [self-released, 2009]

Michael Collino is Dog Lady. He plays
really interesting varied Noise in his very
own Style, Violin, Synth and other Stuff.
This is the new self-released Cdr from him,
try it. FLAC Rip from me today...

Matt Endahl's Sound Mansion Recordings

Collab Partner of Chris Riggs
played on many nice recent Tapes and
Concerts and just started now his own Cdr Label
Sound Mansion Recordings. If you are into
good Improv Noise you will dig this Stuff.
This is Michigan Noise a more Acoustic Way
you maybe not heard yet, great Stuff, similar
to the cool Holy Cheever Church Label.
I uploaded a Pack of 3 recent cdrs all in FLAC,
enjoy !!! Support this Guy and buy !

Hair Police - Our Minds Problems Vol.4_4xc30 BOXSET [gods of tundra, 2009]

Four Live Collaborations on 4 Tapes bringing you
the Ultimate Noise Flash :-P only available on
the European Tour that happens right now
or from Miramoglu who got some Copys.
Olsen, C. Spencer Yeh and the great Greg Kelley
are contributing to the Band, check this
Thing out !

Christopher Riggs - Gold Danny cdr [holy cheever church, 2009]

Brandnew Solo Guitar Improvisations
from Chris Riggs, FLAC Rip from me.
Out now on Holy Cheever Church !!!

NEW Dead Machines Tapes

Dead Machines - Having Holding Patterns Backwards Vol. One c20 [american tapes, 2009]

Dead Machines - Having Holding Patterns Backwards Vol. Two c60 [american tapes, 2009]

After the CDR Post i thought some would also dig the new
Tapes that recently came out, limited to 30 Copies only.
Nice Stuff :-D

Victims Comp cdr [fag tapes, 2009]

Mysticial new Disc, Industrial Experimental Darkness
out of the Labor of H.Moerland :-D
Fine Artwork.

The Dead Machines - Superstitions of the Sea cdr [american tapes, 2009]

Gutter Madness from Michigan !!! New limited Disc on AM,
Check this or DIE ! Nice Hornz of Death.

Aaron Dilloway - Door With No Handle cdr [chocolate monk, 2009]

Hell Yeah, back from pleasing Outtime in Hungary,
just received this new Killer Disc from Dilloway.
This Guy cannot go wrong... ripped in FLAC for your Pleasure !


I'm back on 1st October

Outer Space - Boring Electronics Vol. 1-3 [wagon, 2009]

This Time no big Talking around,
download , listen and drift away :-)

Failing Lights & Jason Zeh - A Lesson in Tension c30 [gods of tundra, 2009]

Nice GOT Cassette from the latest Summer Batch,
both Sides Solid varied Soundz down from the Gutter.
Enjoy !

System Voltages - We Should Have Done This For You c90 [american tapes, 2009]

Limited long playing new American Tapes
Joint, in my Opinion Olsen really gets on
a different Level with this Tape, haven't
heard so great intense Tunes by
him before seriously :-)

Matt Conzett_Andrew Coltrane c97 [hermitage, 2009]

Totally awesome new loooong Tape
on ACs Hermitage Label, especially the
Conzett Side is worth to try out.
He takes us into a Mindblowin' Noise/Drone
Trip without left to ask for after, really.

Conch Electronics - Surfer 2xc90 [exbx, 2009]

Hell Yeah ! 180 EPIC Minutes of Killer Synth on
exbx, demonstrating the Pure Sound for us
Freaks !!! Again an ultra limited Thing, i dunno
if you can get a Copy of this. If not, just enjoy
my rip ! Love this, I hope you Guys too !!!

The Living Stump Eats Your TV c30 [mjc, 2009]

Nice Jam, fresh out of David Payne's Studio
in Canada. Pretty varied Soundz ranging
from Broken Synth to Guitar Manglings.

ASR “Versus” Subscription Series I-V [a soundesign, 2009]

These Series turned out to be really
Quality Splits, maybe a bit short Playtime each
one to listen to the Original Cassettes always,
but as MP3 really Beautiful cause you have
an awesome Collection if you play those Tracks
one after one :-) Contains Body Morph, Jeff Host,
Skin Graft and others... so here are the first 5 Cassettes
that were released during Spring and Summer.

Synaptic Foliage - Astra c30 [cylindrical habitat modules, 2009]

I just randomly read about this Label mentioned
by one of the Emeralds Guys, and YES it's
pretty one of the most intense Shits i heard lately !!!
Julian (Synaptic F.) told me he will later also
release a Tape on Wagon, def. grab this as long as you can.

Strictly Buisness - Bizcard Series One & Two [everybody has a record label..., 2009]

I ripped the whole Series One and Two Bizcards,
really outstanding Tunes from Jeff Host, Bee Mask
and other Fellas...

Birth Refusal - Make A New Memory cdr [gods of tundra, 2009]

Back again after the Break with Posting new Goods...
Brandnew massive Jam from Birth Refusal,
on the never disapointing Gods of Tundra
Label, thanks to my Friend Quartz for the
Rip who was able to catch this cdr on a
recent Killer Noise Show in Toledo.


Friends, i take an outtime for circa
3 Weeks,be back after my Girlfriend
leaves Home...



Greg Davis - Mutually Arising [kranky, 2009]

Deepest new Disc of Greg Davis, lately in
a Hardcore Drone Mood, offering you two
very long Tracks of this Master !!!
Meditative and Psychedelic.
Quality Stuff on Kranky Records.

Riggs/Darksmith MJC

Darksmith - No Space c30 [mjc, 2009]

Chris Riggs - Smoked Poetry c60 [mjc, 2009]

I'm totally in Love with these two Cassettes
on Canadian Middle James Co.lately, Riggs
brings it with Improvised Guitar Jamz and
Darksmith lets the Tape Machines roll hot
and hotter, RECOMMENDED !!!

NEW Gods Of Tundra cdr's

Wolf Eyes - Moods In Free Time Vol.2 [gods of tundra, 2009]

Birth Refusal - Out Front [gods of tundra, 2009]

Freshly ripped by me, your exclusive Listening
Pleasure-Pack today ;-) ENJOY !!!