Schnüffler - Buero Bereich c20 [holy cheever church, 2009]

One Tape of the new Batch, Chris sent
it to me very early, if you havent tried
Holy Cheever Church do this NOW ! Excellent
Label, i will rip few more soon :-)

NEW Fag Tapes Batch

Blows - Sixteenz Vol.2 cdr

Super Street 24 - Street Dawgz c62

Steve Llama - Outside Heaven c20

Small Killer Batch including new Jamz of OG
Michigan House Duo "Blows", hehe ;-) and a short but
slaying Tape from Steve Kenney of Demons
and Heath Moerland + Live Recordings from the recent
Tour in Mexico...

Zach Wallace - Glass Armonica [root-strata, 2009]

New Airy long Psychedelica Drones on
Root-Strata, perfect for Mind-Surfing
and getting high on it, very cool Release !