Taylor Deupree - Live1_Mapping [12k, 2009] mp3 only

This release collects recordings of live performances by Taylor Deupree in Bern (CH), York (UK), Hiroshima & Yamaguchi (JP), as well as an unknown location. It focuses on the most quiet, drawn-out and linear moments of these concerts. Live1:Mapping is the first in a series of audio diaries that recollect far-away places, sleepless nights and the warm comfort of sound.

The recordings were done direct from the stage mixer to a portable digital recorder. Other than cropping the selected area and mastering, no additional edits or sounds have been added.


Astronaut_1994 - Split c20 [housecraft, 2008]

Sega synth pulses go 4/4 directly into Sirius, eventually freeing all momentum on side: Astronaut. Astin and Nicolaus crackle in liquified guitar and mic feedback anxieties via 1994.
edition of 48


W. Ravenveer - Ogenloos_one sided c50 [taped sounds, 2008]

coded person W.V. is a respected member of the Antwerp core of autodidact musicians. while others of that core try to get into the circle of wrong, W.V. keeps focussing on his own brains and hands. not interested in getting to play at local art exhibitions or braindead gatherings, W.V. gives room for his own moments of contemplating braindeadism. his main translation is the synthesizer. on this album, we are given a carefull peak in one of the two professions of W.V. profession one is spaced out code patterns wich we will look into soon on a split with our pals at Breaking World Records. profession two is the progressive synth emotional pondering in the old school style. and we look at it NOW. this cassette is the deep blues of ADELBERT VON DEYEN in the mix of a lonely soul and a misunderstood heart. intensely fantastic with a touch of pure. this is melancholic, deep down under communications in the esoteric energy structure.


Sky Limousine - Out Of The Blue c20 [morbid tapes, 2008]

amazing output..droning lifescapes..
limited to 40
thanks to Josh aka Sky Limousine for the Rip


The Old Rig - The Old Rig cdr [kimberly dawn, 2008]

The Old Rig is Patrick and Frank
Three long tracks of distant meditations on machine hum, breathing, and negative space. Sources include lawnmower, broken dryer, synthesizer, casio sk-5, broken electronics, sampler, metal pieces, radio, feedback, and tape manipulation. Industrial ambience for sensitive individuals zone out time. Released on Kimberly Dawn recordings. Limited run of 25 in handmade collaged packaging in slipcases.
coming soon: C-26 on Digitalis Limited +more
You may know Frank from Sparkling Wide Pressure, his other Project


Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox - End of Daze [eMEGO, 2009]

The first cabs off the Editions Mego rank in 2006, Pateras and Fox return with their third shredding album of Antipodean-blasted bliss that will get even the darkest of doomlords crawling out of their abyss of hatred, and dancing like lunatics.
End of Daze is a bulletproof testament to the Duo’s eight year history in the trenches of live electro-acoustic music - their messy, over-the top contact-miked beginnings now formed into a powerful and futuristic meta-language borrowing from the early electronic masters, bizarre sound poetry, vintage synth festishism, the eternal patch tweak and good old fashioned Melbourne experimentalist brutality, fuelled by a poisonous love affair with sonic invention.
A combination of materials forged live on stage alongside carefully considered studio mayhem, the audio contained on this disc is their finest vein-popping blend of chaos and order to date. Recorded beautifully by longtime engineer James “Wilkinsound” Wilkinson in Melbourne, combined with some sessions from WORM in Rotterdam, End of Daze promises a sonic range as wide as its genesis, complete with angry boy artwork courtesy of Clare Cooper.
Limited to 500 copies.


Sick Llama_Treetops - Light Infection c33 [fag tapes, 2008]

melting wax organ and keys. mixed down in Ham Studios. adrift in the night.
edition 50.


Sky Limousine - In A World Of Discovery c30 [905 tapes, 2008]

burke-style time/space warps by means of ultra-mellow synth fluttering. sky limo always dispenses the out of bounds, soothed intravenous drip that turns everything it touches into bubbles, and a world of discovery is no exception to that rule. a zen comedown much needed in oppressive times.

i got this from josh himself, so its ripped from the masters,
share this fine tape


Super Minerals - Multitudes Bonus c30 [digitalis, 2009]

Here is the brandnew limited Pre-Order only Tape from Super Minerals, wonderful Stuff,
check it out...



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