Menche is the Drone King ! He released Tonz of awesome Releases over
a Decade and here is his new MP3 Release Slammer on Touch UK Spire Series,
check it !

320kb WEB mp3


Christopher McFall - The Body as I Left It [Sourdine, 2010]

McFall is a interesting Sound Artist, i always enjoyed his dark
Field Recording Ambient Music. Now here we have his brandnew
Album on Sourdine, going also into Musique Concrete, check it out !

320kb Mp3


Andrew Coltrane - Faded Empire 6xc30_BOXSET [hermitagetapes, 2010]

Destroying brandnew 180 Minute MONSTER BOXSET by Andrew Coltrane,
limited to only 10 Copys, instantly Sold Out.
12 Sides of uncompromising Harsh Metallic Nightmares that
don't let any Questions left !!! You have been warned !

320kb MP3


For MJ

mj on fangs & arrows, 19.06.1010:

"o rly? OK. well the new tape is the best thing ive heard in all my life!!"

My Friend, this Post of these two new Housecraft Jointz is dedicated to you,
you can listen the Rips on your IPod !!! And for all you others TOOOO...

Pospulenn - Sun People Sleepwalker c69 [housecraft, 2010]

Xiphiidae - Quaking Myth c37 [housecraft, 2010]

New Dog Lady Tapes

Two new self-released Burners from Michael Collino, really on Top,
Dog Day Afternoon is he and Miles from Evenings.
Check this out !!!

Dog Day Afternoon c30 [self-released, 2010]

Dog Lady - Burned Accordion_Bordered by Roads of Hatred c30 [self-released, 2010]


R. Stevie Moore - What's The Point LP [cuneiform, 1984]

Another real Classic up here on Skulloria, this absolutely lovely Album
Moore released in 1984 on the at that Time new Cuneiform Label,
in my Opinion his best Work he ever done (he released SO much,
maybe some Cracks know even better Tunez of him...)
If you dig Wavey Synth with a great uncommercial Pop Character
this will get you Orgasms i promise !!! This is my Summer Album.
I was lucky to catch a Original Copy for a reasonable Price and
ripped it asap, you can choose FLAC or high Quality MP3 !

320kb MP3:





Mmmmh, nice one. The US Ambient Electronica Master is back with a new
Album on his own Label 12k. Finest Sounds for your Ears.
Big Recommendation !!!

320kb WEB Scene


Lost DVD [aryan asshole, 2009]

Well, recently i watched this DVD again and thought that i have to share
this with all of you. Especially the Music on this Art Piece is Nate Young MI
Noise at it's finest. I made high quality avi Rip of this with Top Sound.
Enjoy !!!

part1 http://www.multiupload.com/QTDJTVK5ID
part2 http://www.multiupload.com/NCCFAR5LMH

Kimberly Dawn 026-028

Hello Skulloria folks. I have made ready three new releases to transport you via tiny cdrs. Trancendence is the norm.

Sounds and ordering information at

(KimDawn026) Julia LaDense - Not Saturdays (3" cdr)
Julia brings us closer to the heart of the mystery. At times she is almost soothing, but more often she is completely inside this stuttering machine. Her voice is one thatreflects a certain isolation nestled in the very heart of seeming connectivity. Unmovinghum meets the fragile identity. Hard to ignore. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3" cdrs. $4 postage paid anywhere

(KimDawn027) Stephen Molyneux - The Arbitrary State (3" cdr)
Stephen sounds both utterly in bliss and completely displaced in these intimate sound captures from Thailand. Relive your own memories of inner discovery and mind openings via this traveling sound artist. Field recordings and discovered instruments combine into strange narratives. Revel in the visions and sink into moments of rare clarity. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3" cdrs. Featuring beautiful photographs by Stephen. $4 postage paid anywhere

(KimDawn028) Derek Rogers/Sparkling Wide Pressure - Minor Phase Patterns (3"cdr)
Complete submission to the inner phase. Journeys seeming still while sitting inside of this tingling world. No tensions- just merging. Open to being and full experiences. The taste of freshness in the morning. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3"cdrs. $4 postage paid anywhere


if you look don't look pretty in a photograph it's the camera's fault. if you look ugly all of the time you better hope you have a nice camera! the cosmic universe and the human brain dedicate all experience to memory. being able to recall these experiences is known as taking things to heart. cold, compartmentalized realms of memory go left untouched. vast un-recallable landscapes of data bank filing cabinets. the primal mist of what is really there, bloodless and alive, breathing underneath everyone of us. capturing a moment of time is a difficult thing to achieve; it is unlike putting a wild beast in a cage. something is forever escaping every one of us....STAY RUDE

Exhumed Corpse - Last Words... 5xcs_Boxset [with intent, 2010]

Exhumed Corpse is the Dark Ambient Noise Project of Sam Dour, who runs
With Intent Records, locating in Michigan. This is the fantastic brandnew over
2 Hour long Ride to the darkest possible Abyss you ever took !!!
Super Limited to only 20 Copies, which makes this even more Special.
I chattet with Sam and he told me all Tunez were produced in the Dark and
it is supposed to be listened at Nighttime the best Way, dont get scared ;-)
Drink a Bottle of good Red Wine in the Evening and LISTEN the whole Thing !!!
Im really proud presenting the Rip here on Skulloria.


Pulse Emitter - Sunset Into Night [gneiss things, 2010]

DAMN; this is some outstanding Material from Pulse Emitter,
he is one of the Kings in this Area of Synth Music,
i saw mp3 was already uploaded before (THANK YOUUU) in the cbox,
so i post my High Quality EAC FLAC Rip for you now as i received the cdr,
i'm happy to be back !



I'm gone to Hungary for 3 Weeks, take care everybody about the Blog and
Upload like Hell !! You all RULE !

New Kimberly Dawn + Discography

Lovely brandnew Batch. This Picture aboth is from Frank Baugh himself , he's also here on
the Blog. I hope its okay dear Frank to Post them here, if you don't like that, i remove asap :-)

Archers by the Sea - They All Dreamt They Were Bears 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Interstates (etc.) - Sanctuary of Memories 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Ttotals - Annimal Skkulls 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC


Here is the entire Discography up to KimDawn023 in FLAC,
you need all 5 Volumes to unpack, ENJOY !






Aaron Dilloway - Second Foul c60 [hanson, 2010]

Another new Banger on Hanson, mutated Synth comin up on this one,
creating a Endtime Atmosphere bundled in Smoke of Hell !!!
Dilloway RULEZ.


Casino Versus Japan - Night on Tape [attack nine, 2010] Deluxe Edition

YEEEEEEAHHHH !!!! One of my all time Favourite Projects
has a new stunning big Release coming up on Attack Nine Records,
all unreleased Stuff from one of THE best ambient psychedelic
Music Guys ever, simply fantastic !!! This is Web Mp3s of the expensive
Deluxe Edition with lotta Bonus Tracks that are available with the Order...
finally some new Tunez by him !!!

320 kb mp3 web deluxe edition


New Sleeper Kicking March

I think we have WAY too many Readers here that dont support with anything
the Blog, like ripping and creating a Friendship here, in this Case i will start kicking again ! pls write your Email youre registered with as a Comment + your Nickname from the cbox, i know everyone who's sharing here. I think its Time to only keep the People who are active here and share + are Friends, we dont need fucking Leechers ! I will start kicking after few Days until now !

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa - Space Finale c90 [eMEGO, 2010]

It's very simple, THIS TAPE IS FUCKING AMAZING !!!
Seems eMEGO is on a Trip lately with their new Stuff
+ upcoming Emeralds Album. This first regular Tape Release
is absolute Killer, two looong Sides of stunning Out Of Orbit Jamming
will get you Mad !!! ripped with my Mixer, sounds really loud & fine,
enjoy !


New Cheeverz

My Friends, i really dig Holy Cheever Church, and i think i posted too
little Stuff from this awesome Acoustic Noise Label i'm collecting now for long.
The recent Batch was again a total Blast of spastic Sounds that pleases
me totally, good way to check out this Label !!

Christopher Riggs - Touch The Earth, Break My Ass [holy cheever church, 2010] online release

Gino Robair_Christopher Riggs - Punishment Allows the Evolution of Cooperation c30 [holy cheever church, 2010]

Megan Schubert_Christopher Riggs - Rueful Irony About The Limits of Human Agency c30 [holy cheever church, 2010]


Emeralds - Emeralds [hanson, 2010]

The CD Reissue of this nice classic Synth Jam on the great
Hanson Records, snatch the secure Rip !



Field of Hats - The Active Node cdr [durable stimuli, 2010]

Fragments Synth Wizard Jeff Hatfield plays THE dopest Shit
in the Universe, FACT, fantastic flowing Tunez for every real
Listener !!! Enjoy all, support and get your Copy asap !

Fresh FLAC Rip:


Pjusk - Sval [12k, 2010]

The first Pjusk Album was a really nice one, here is the brandnew follow up,
and it's also on 12k, recommended Ambient Music to chill and space out.



Loscil - Endless Falls [kranky, 2010]

Ooooh Yes, Scott Morgan drops again after 2006 "Plume"
the best Ambient Music in this World, absolute Masterpiece,
i will upload FLAC as soon as possible Friends.



Fenn O'Berg - In Stereo [eMEGO, 2010]

These TRUE KINGS Return after a looong long Break with a
fantastic Noise Electronica Album in March 2010.
Fennesz, Jim O' Rourke, and Peter Rehberg show you,
whats really up today !!! SNATCH IT !



V/A - ASR Archive Selections 2003-09 [a soundesign, 2010]

Brandnew limited 32 copies and already sold out
Compilation cdr of Works from David Russel's
Dope Camp, including Relentless Corpse, Jeff Host,
Lilypad and others. Damn Bitch ! ;-)
Good Noise !!!



Aaron Dilloway - Sugar Colt c30 [hanson, 2007]

Got this pretty rare Hanson Dilloway Cassette today, originally only sold
at No Fun Fest 2007, it's intense Raw Noise Heaven as to be expected
from this #1 Guy. Never saw a Rip of this before,
so Enjoy Everybody !


Monsturo - KJ-88 [accidie, 2009]

Hypnotical new cdr from David Rothbaum, after few
Minutes it really melts Psychedelic into your Brainzz.
Hardcore Drone. Nice Stuff.



Hello everyone, just want to say a HUGE thank you to all Followers of
my Blog and i hope you still dig this Place as i do.

Big Plans on the Horizon, i want to start finally a Skulloria
Tape/cdr Label !

I hope i can realize it during the Year, lots of work to do.
Thanks to ALL of you who always supported and gave me the Power
and Fun to continue this Place as i went through a lot of Shit 2009.
Hope this Year will be better, but with all you awesome Guys
it just can get great !!!
Big Greetings from Overath, Germany in January 2010,


80's Synth Tapes collected from Mutant Sounds

This is HUGE Collection of Synth Music that was recorded
in the Eighties and released on Tape.
I collected for some Time now from Mutant Sounds Blog,
big cheerz over there to make possible listening to this Music,
its actually over 1GB Music including super
rare Tapes from:

Collin Potter, Cord Of Life, Dave Jones, Rick Crane
and many others...if you havent listened to this Stuff
yet, its a MUST HAVE !!!

you need all 7 rars to unpack this Monster Collection


Skin Graft - Depression Paralysis c28 [nurse etiquette, 2009]

Skin Graft Crew on a highly recommendable Killer
Cassette here, sounding from Beyond Voices and
just right Sounds to make you shitting your Pants.


Heath Moerland - Distorted Mirror Vol.1 c90 [fag tapes, 2009]

Now under his own Name, Noise from Michigans
Headquarter of Sickness and Darkness
, Guitar and Effects that make your Head Swindle !!!
Over 70 Minutes of Sounds.