New Kimberly Dawn + Discography

Lovely brandnew Batch. This Picture aboth is from Frank Baugh himself , he's also here on
the Blog. I hope its okay dear Frank to Post them here, if you don't like that, i remove asap :-)

Archers by the Sea - They All Dreamt They Were Bears 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Interstates (etc.) - Sanctuary of Memories 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Ttotals - Annimal Skkulls 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Here is the entire Discography up to KimDawn023 in FLAC,
you need all 5 Volumes to unpack, ENJOY !

Aaron Dilloway - Second Foul c60 [hanson, 2010]

Another new Banger on Hanson, mutated Synth comin up on this one,
creating a Endtime Atmosphere bundled in Smoke of Hell !!!
Dilloway RULEZ.

Casino Versus Japan - Night on Tape [attack nine, 2010] Deluxe Edition

YEEEEEEAHHHH !!!! One of my all time Favourite Projects
has a new stunning big Release coming up on Attack Nine Records,
all unreleased Stuff from one of THE best ambient psychedelic
Music Guys ever, simply fantastic !!! This is Web Mp3s of the expensive
Deluxe Edition with lotta Bonus Tracks that are available with the Order...
finally some new Tunez by him !!!

320 kb mp3 web deluxe edition

New Sleeper Kicking March

I think we have WAY too many Readers here that dont support with anything
the Blog, like ripping and creating a Friendship here, in this Case i will start kicking again ! pls write your Email youre registered with as a Comment + your Nickname from the cbox, i know everyone who's sharing here. I think its Time to only keep the People who are active here and share + are Friends, we dont need fucking Leechers ! I will start kicking after few Days until now !

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa - Space Finale c90 [eMEGO, 2010]

It's very simple, THIS TAPE IS FUCKING AMAZING !!!
Seems eMEGO is on a Trip lately with their new Stuff
+ upcoming Emeralds Album. This first regular Tape Release
is absolute Killer, two looong Sides of stunning Out Of Orbit Jamming
will get you Mad !!! ripped with my Mixer, sounds really loud & fine,
enjoy !

New Cheeverz

My Friends, i really dig Holy Cheever Church, and i think i posted too
little Stuff from this awesome Acoustic Noise Label i'm collecting now for long.
The recent Batch was again a total Blast of spastic Sounds that pleases
me totally, good way to check out this Label !!

Christopher Riggs - Touch The Earth, Break My Ass [holy cheever church, 2010] online release

Gino Robair_Christopher Riggs - Punishment Allows the Evolution of Cooperation c30 [holy cheever church, 2010]

Megan Schubert_Christopher Riggs - Rueful Irony About The Limits of Human Agency c30 [holy cheever church, 2010]

Emeralds - Emeralds [hanson, 2010]

The CD Reissue of this nice classic Synth Jam on the great
Hanson Records, snatch the secure Rip !