Body Morph - Pretty Ugly 2xc23_BOXSET [exbx, 2009]

Fantastic brandnew Jam from Body Morph, one Tape with
breathtaking dope Noise, the other with experimental Horn
Playing from Dan. Essential.

Villa Valley - Ying Yang 96 c60 [irrational tentent, 2009]

I have no Idea what this Tape is about, got it
from Dan today, seems to be on new Label.
It's seriously a MONSTER Cassette !!!
Villa Valley is another Project from Dan
with Squibby Eels.

Nobody's Children - No One's Child 2xcs BOXSET [fag tapes, 2009]

Nobody's Children is Andrew Coltrane and Heath Moerland,
celebrating an Underground Fest of delicious Sounds.
Totally awesome Packaging, i will post the second Set soon !