Conch Electronics - Surfer 2xc90 [exbx, 2009]

Hell Yeah ! 180 EPIC Minutes of Killer Synth on
exbx, demonstrating the Pure Sound for us
Freaks !!! Again an ultra limited Thing, i dunno
if you can get a Copy of this. If not, just enjoy
my rip ! Love this, I hope you Guys too !!!

The Living Stump Eats Your TV c30 [mjc, 2009]

Nice Jam, fresh out of David Payne's Studio
in Canada. Pretty varied Soundz ranging
from Broken Synth to Guitar Manglings.

ASR “Versus” Subscription Series I-V [a soundesign, 2009]

These Series turned out to be really
Quality Splits, maybe a bit short Playtime each
one to listen to the Original Cassettes always,
but as MP3 really Beautiful cause you have
an awesome Collection if you play those Tracks
one after one :-) Contains Body Morph, Jeff Host,
Skin Graft and others... so here are the first 5 Cassettes
that were released during Spring and Summer.

Synaptic Foliage - Astra c30 [cylindrical habitat modules, 2009]

I just randomly read about this Label mentioned
by one of the Emeralds Guys, and YES it's
pretty one of the most intense Shits i heard lately !!!
Julian (Synaptic F.) told me he will later also
release a Tape on Wagon, def. grab this as long as you can.