Field Of Hats - Myriad Features c60 [trilogy tapes, 2009]

First Side starts with two solid Synth Excursions before
Field Of Hats change their Sound, directly goin' into
gorgous Guitar Drone Improvisations. Second Side is
hell of a loooong Guitar Piece that more and
more Grows and leaves the Listener breathless.
Hanson should soon get some Copys, this cs is
actually sold out from the Label !

Andrew Coltrane - Midnight Winds cdr [chocolate monk, 2009]

New long playing Solo cdr by AC, varrying from
Meditative Drone to solid Noise with Synth and all other
possible Styles, this is a more mellow Release from AC,
but this is really cool ! Another Side of this creative

Color Dream - Reminisce 2xc20 [young tapes, 2009]

Outstanding brandnew Ambient Drone Opus
of Color Dream, far away of hype Cliches,
dominating the Game like no other, sit back,
relax, or lay down and listen to this DEEEEP
flowing Music...

Sick Llama - The Shadow Lamp 4xc20_cdr Boxset [fag tapes, 2009]

Killer Boxset by Heath Moerland aka Sick Llama,
strictly Limited to 15 Copys, showing a Bride Variety
of his awesome Noise Output, brandnew Tunes on the
4 Cassettes included and Reissue on a Cdr of old out of
Print Tapes. I just can show a small Outtake of the fantastic
handpainted Artwork, whole Thing is housed in a Big Vinyl
Sized Box...
Fag Tapes RULEZ !!!

Xiphiidae - Crystal Marvelous Fruit 2xc62 [excite bike, 2009]

It can't get any better. On two long playing Tapes
Xiphiidae celebrate again his mystique Sound
even more precise and Breathtaking !
I think exbx still has Copy's, so don't waste any Time
and Order this Shit !

Wyatt Howland_Andrew Kirschner - Torture c30 [mistake by the lake, 2008]

Great Rumbling Noise Cassette on this hot Label out of Ohio,
USA, worth to check out, varying enough that it's a not boring
Listen... Mechanical Sounds and Shredding !