Hasegawa_Igler [aRCHIVE, 2009]

Astro-Hiroshi Hasegawa performing
Killer Synth Show at Big Jar Bookstore,
on the ever delicious aRCHIVE Label.


Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique I 3xcd [revisited, 2009]

I finally managed to grab the first Part of this
Killer Sets of Klaus Schulze via What.cd,
normally i just upload my own Rips here
but i thought i have to share this for sure with you
Friends !!!
The first Part of La Vie Electronique contains
unreleased Stuff from earlier Period of Schulze,


Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique II 3xcd [revisited, 2009]

Excellent Klaus Schulze Boxset with unreleased
Tracks from his early 70s Era, ESSENTIAL !!!
Music which is very reminding me of much new Stuff
that is released these Dayzzz...

Taylor Deupree - Weather And Worn [12k, 2009]

Well, i've posted a few new 12k Releases in the past and
here's another sweet new Addition to the Catalogue.
This 7'' (actually you download the V0 Web Release with one
Bonus Track) is a perfect Example of the highly Growing
Skills of Deupree after lots of Releases under his own Moniker.
Sounds a bit like sweet Xiphiidae in my Opinion , awesome.
Still way better than many Artists trying this Style of Music.


Uneven Universe - Tarot c30 [scumbag relations, 2009]

Dan, Excite Bike Label Owner is an incredible
creative Guy, his Uneven Universe Project
is one of the most interesting Experimental
Noise Things lately, not be missed !


Andrew Coltrane - DMT Shadow c60 [digitalis limited, 2009]

Veeeery long pleasing Jam by Andrew Coltrane,
not harsh or something, just right and Brain massaging
Goodiness, one of his best Relesases for sure till' now.
Another new sweet Tape on Digitalis, for me the tightest
of the new Batch... i think its still available, so pick it up !