Medroxy Progesterone Acetate - Mar'ah cdr [ruralfaune, 2009]

Misterious Opus of Medroxy, obscure Samples meet finest
Flowings of Sound and Moods,
Great Underground Experimental Music not to be missed :-)
This is actually ripped from Master, no CD rip, so
get a Copy and support if you like it, released right now...

Infinity Window - Artificial Midnight LP [arbor, 2009]

Danel Lopatin is one of the best Synth Producers right now,
delivering ultimate Anthems of pure Pleasure, this Time not
as Oneohtrix Point Never (new cdr soon on Ruralfaune !!!)
but in Collaboration with his Friend Taylor Richardson as
Infinity Window, 3 deep Psychedelic Tracks give you the Rest ;-)

Xiphiidae - Equal Phesance [housecraft, 2009]

Wonderful Journey into Mystic Spheres of Sound,
Xiphiidae is right on Top of his Work with this awesome CDR,
Dark but still Sweet at the same Time...

Uton - Mental Connections [housecraft, 2009]

Brandnew Spaced out Trip with Uton from Finland,
prooving once again he is one of the Top Notch Experimental
Producers Today, he released also on Digitalis and MANY
other Labels, pretty exciting Release. Ranging here from Psychedelic
Drone to more Occult like Sounds but never too Dark and Depressing,
always Fresh.

The Solar Furnace_c30 [gods of tundra, 2009]

New Project of Mike Connely and Heath Moerland,
raw Guitar and Screams, Dark and Unholy !!!

Relentless Corpse_Field Of Hats - Split c20 [tusco embassy, 2008]

Ruling new Split Tape on Tusco Embassy, Killer Side from R.Corpse
with varied Noise and on the other Field of Hats with a deep great
Synth Drone Track !

Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick LP [virgin, 1979]

Back in 1979 Steve Hillage created just for this Record one of the finest Moments
in Trance Building Synth Music, his Guitar smoothes into You after some Minutes,
and giving you complete Mental Relaxation, a lot of young Guys try to create this Sound
today but believe me, listen to this and you know the REAL DEAL ! Breathtaking two looong
Sides of finest New Age flowing, not heard anything nice like this for long Time...