Henrik Rylander - Power Model X (Motherboard Drone Live) [iDEAL, 2009]

Darkest Hypnotizing Mechanical Drones of Rylander's Sound will
not let you Escape, once it got Ya'...This Music is not
Everyone's Darling Favourite and don't wannna be that,
it's different and Raw, it's the Meeting with a Dark Experience
that every serious Experimental Music interested Person
will let get Psyched. Cold...


Dreamers Cloth - Positive Theme Music c30 [stenze quo, 2008]

Fantastic New Age Bliss by this Danish Artist, sweet Synth
swirling around your Head and give you a great Feeling...
Similar a bit to some Pacific City Sound Visions Stuff,
but it's not another James Ferraro Project haha ;-)
Two nice 15 Minute long Jamz making this a very good
Introduction to his Music, going back to the simple Side
of beautiful Tunes. Worth to check it out ! He released on Ikuisuus
another Split Tape which is also very good...


Drunjus_Xiphiidae - Split c54 [housecraft, 2008]

Housecraft permanently relasing high Quality Experimental
Music, Xiphiidae is the Label Heads own Project,
blistering deep Drones Noise put you in a Trance and
let you Escape for a few Minutes of this cruel World,
a massive Split, not too short and just the right
Portion of everything which make it interesting...
Lovely Artwork as always from Housecraft, if
you have some Bucks left, get on this Label and
support !


Mist (John Elliot_Sam Goldberg) - Certain Expansion c20 [pizza wagon, 2009]

You're seeking warm new Galaxies of Bubbling Synth Heaven on this
new Split Project cs by Sam Goldberg and John Elliot of Emeralds.
It's a bit in the Style of John Elliot's Outer Space Thing but not
as Experimental, more sweet... Breathtaking and far far away ;-)
New "Pizza Wagon" Imprint, should be cool in the Future,
look out for them !!!


Latrine Psychology Guild - Weighted Ghost #S c10 [american tapes, 2009]

Super Limited brandnew AM Release, melting Electronics/Synth
meeting Hornz from the Abyss, a short Adventure of Obscure Tape
Freakout, a Thing of Taste if you get into it or not...


Encounter Group - Lost Anchor c90 [american tapes, 2009]

Radical new Statement of John Olsen,
mainly tryin' to get even more deeper in Spastic "Brain Masssagesque Soundz" that creep into your Mind and disturb, this is Experimental Psychedelic Noise the best possible Way, limited to 11 Copys. Very Long Playing Release, what can come next ?
By the Way, i will write in the Future my OWN Reviews here, no more Copy and Paste,
greets to Leuchthold my Friend for the Inspiration, thank you :-)
Coconuts to the Sky !!!


The Michigan League For Human Services "Oil of Beauty" c90 [american tapes, 2009]

American Tapes proof with their new Releases who is the ultimate
REAL Noise Label in the World, you've been forwarned, Shit
is RAW&NASTY haha, like postet on the Covers:
WE'RE #1, limited to 11 Copys


Robert Turman_Aaron Dilloway - Split c30 [hanson, 2008]

Split release between myself and Robert Turman. Robert was an original member of NON back in the late 1970’s appearing on the first 7-inch MODE OF INFECTION. He released a number of very limited solo cassettes throughout the 80’s, including the monster 8-cassette box set CHAPTER ELEVEN (1976-1987). He and I have been working on remastering his old tapes over the last year, and Robert has also starting recording and performing again. His side of this cassette is just a taste of what is to become an onslaught of new recordings and unearthed classic industrial RT material to be released on HANSON. Twisted voices, waves of static hiss, disorienting and bizarre horn and string melodies, looped and delayed into a perfectly paced piece of surreal sound. My side is influenced by my recent collaboration recordings with Cleveland scumbag Wyatt Howland aka SKIN GRAFT. A confusing meld of organic and electronic sounds recorded using 8-track loops of synth, metal percussion, and radio static.

-Aaron Dilloway, December 2008


Svarte Greiner - Kappe [type, 2009]

‘Knive’, Erik Skodvin’s debut album under the Svarte Greiner moniker was a milestone in doom music. Taking a surprisingly acoustic route, he kick-started a sub-genre as he used cello, violin and rattling miscellanies to conjure up blood-curdling soundscapes. ‘Kappe’ is his sophomore effort and continues Skodvin’s blackened underworld cruise, furthering his mysterious cinematic sound.


Incapacitants - Box Is Stupid 10xCD Set [pica disk, 2009]

10CD Box set re-issue of Incapacitants 90s cassette tapes. Remastered from the original DAT master-tapes by Tommi Keränen under the supervision of T.Mikawa. 40 page colour booklet with extensive liner-notes by Fumio Kosakai, T.Mikawa, Otomo Yoshihide and Jim Sauter (Borbetomagus). Each disc packaged in an individual wallet cover with original cassette artwork. Booklet and discs housed in a solid box. Limited editon of 500 copies.

CD 1: Stupid Is Stupid (Studio materials)
CD 2: Stupid Is Stupid (Live materials)
CD 3: Extreme Gospel Nights
CD 4: Ad Nauseam (Edition Mikawa)
CD 5: Ad Nauseam (Edition Kosakai)
CD 6: Ad Nauseam (Live)
CD 7: D.D.D.D.
CD 8: The Tongue
CD 9: Cosmic Incapacitants
CD 10: I, Residuum


Various Artists - December 6, 2008 cdr [nurse etiquette, 2008]

Super limited cdr just made for Nurse Night,
which took Place in Detroit, End of 2008
Its a dope Compilation to get into the Sound of
the Nurse Etiquette Label.


Alfred 23 Harth, Hans Joachim Irmler & Günter Müller - Taste Tribes [for4ears, 2008]

The last time Harth and Müller met was in 1987 as part of a quintet at the Festival Willisau, including Andres Bosshard, Phil Minton and Sonny Sharrock. Exactly 20 years later, Alfred Harth, now based in Seoul, South Korea, asked Günter Müller to do some recordings on a visit to Switzerland while traveling in Germany and Italy. Several days before, Harth recorded with Hans Joachim Irmler from the famous group 'Faust' as a duo. Back at his studio in Seoul, Harth mixed these two duos into a fascinating work. This CD is released as a virtual trio including samples from Kawabata Makoto and Conrad Schnitzler's Eruption before its world premier as a live trio 'Taste Tribe' in December 2008.
Shadows of freely improvised reeds are carefully woven into a sound carpet of kosmic grooving kuriers.


Gaze Campaign - Gestalt Bruise c62 [lust vessel, 2008]

Official debut full-length album from most uncompromising and intolerance post-mortem industrial/heavy electronics new act from Japan, focusing irrationality of the trust, blind fact and buried truth, with harsh & adsorbent electronics, tape loops & cut-ups, metal percussion/junk abuse and acidulated vocal. here is some hints: Indifference, the Shame State, SOK, Fanaticism, Origin of Prostitute Life, Katyn, The International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Betrayal, Rusted Mind etc... into 10 tracks. comes with A5 sized 12 page booklet. limited to 150 copies.


Karasyozoku - Mischievous Sigyn 1923 c62 [lust vessel, 2008]

Formed by three members, Dr. Torikabuto, Kichi and Annoying Labia in Japan. this debut album is standing on the great Japanese earthquake in 1923 which is not only natural disaster but also symbolic political event. mixed ugly heavy electronics, destructed organ, female vocal and various field recording so on, with concrete elements and old school/post-mortem industrial edge. comes with A5 sized 14 page booklet. limited to 150 copies


Rhizome Angle Naked Coda - Meteor Bones' Carnival c46 [lust vessel, 2008]

Organized by four members, Thug-Ribs, Amp'n'Tan Pokan!, Cimarron and Kimitake in studio live situation with various electronics including analog synth, self-made gears, shrieking feedback, also metal junk units, tape, ejaculation and acoustic equipment. filthy and ugly tension in maximum harsh range. limited to 100 copies


Polar Moldmentous - Meat Chamber After All c46 [lust vessel, 2008]

One of the most obscure project since early millennium in Japan. the axis of Polar Moldmentous' mind is totally focused birth-death cycle with conflict and despair toward what human being which standing the realism is. seriously depressive concrete style with dissolved field recordings, haggard electronics and various acoustic junk sounds contain metal & glass debris, and all those are connected to the organism with his alter-ego 'Neoctro-System'. no-joking & insane misanthrope and negative atmosphere. limited to 100 copies

Peace goes out to Cognitive for these Rips !!!


The Nevari Butchers_Sick Llama - Live @ Café Ambrosia c40 [with intent, 2009]

Yo Dudes...Last minute Gig in the Basement of our favourite COFFEE JOINT !
Tonight, Sat Jan 5th!
Starts at 9...no joke...I gotta be Home to put the Kid in Bed at 11,
so don't slack....!!!! Hope to see ya's there...


Triqorn & Queue - Continual Passage c40 [stunned, 2008]

tricorn & queue have captured the hearts & minds of many of us this year with their previous two ultra hypnotic tapes on digitalis and housecraft. well, the headbands are wrapped, the hidden entrance has been found, and now housecraft's own jeff astin and kane pour step again into the thick of a cosmic ritual passageway on this latest quest for the ultimate philosopher's tone. launching out from the remnants of magnetic decay that closed the last release, here t&q cast similar cycles of satellite purr and crackling naturescapes that unfold like nocturnal blooms.

cheers to mike for the rip, thanks again for diggin' the blog man !


Squarepusher - Numbers Lucent EP [warp, 2009]

Allegedly taking Tom's raving heritage as its inspiration, 'Numbers Lucent' serves to highlight and contrast the vibrant fantasy band album that is Just a Souvenir, with 6 self styled explorations of dance floor psychedelia old school.


SBarro - Floating c20 [smoothtapes, 2008]

Smoothtapes kills it recently with the glorious FlowermanTapes and now
SBarro's Cassette ! Wonderful psychedelic Synth Tunes
which go straight into your Mind and take you away...


Ajilvsga - Three Heaps of Skulls c42 [peasant magik, 2008]

With their third release for Peasant Magik, Ajilvsga push their sound even further. Huge slabs of densely layered scum continuously churn while Rose and Young summon shards of electricity from the high heavens.


Giuseppe Ielasi - Aix [12k, 2009]

Aix is the latest work from Italian artist Giuseppe Ielasi and the follow-up to 2007’s August (12k, 12k1044). WIth Aix we see Ielasi building his layered, atmospheric music around rhythmic grids. Most of the time these are quite irregular and the pulses are not neccessarily stable or clear. Where his previous work approached sound in a linear fashion Aix imposes a strong vertical development with the aforementioned grid and a production consisting of ons and offs, employing as much improvisation as Ielasi’s previous work, but in a different way.


Sky Limousine - Undetected Paradise c20 [blackest rainbow, 2008]

Totally far out live synth from my man Josh over in Chicago whose had releases on Fag Tapes, Avocado Jungle and Sound Holes... totally killer freestyle jams recorded in Oct08, real deal blissed out zoned sounds, raw and ready. Regular cased tapes with black fuzz psyche sleeve..." limited to 40 hand numbered copies


Blows - Sixteenz Vol.1 cdr [fag tapes, 2008]

two different recording sessions
of this synth & organ direct to tape experiment. the Ham Studios Dawg
House representing HARDCORE ! ! ! up there with the strangest of the
strange Fag Tapes releases. experimental. hand-nubered edition 50.


Exhumed Corpse_Dour - Blood Filter c40 [fag tapes, 2008]

split cassette. slow motion
hell. recorded in the basement of a basement. edition 50.


Hive Mind - Beneath Triangle And Crescent c30 [fag tapes, 2008]

first official release for Fag Tapes! the last few Hive Mind gigs i've seen
have been real sick and it's too bad the Super Street tape recorder
missed out on all of them. studio recordings. edition 50.


Arts & Crafts Building - Vol. 4 c41 [fag tapes, 2008]

the latest winter-bleak
field recordings Sick Llama style. outdoor / indoor recordings.
messed-up machinery. frozen tape decks. edition 50.


Astro - Strata cdr [cut hands, 2008]

Since founding C.C.C.C. in the early nineties Hiroshi Hasegawa has been exploring the psychedelic edges of the worldwide noise underground to become one of the godfathers of the current noise scene. Cut Hands is extremely proud to release Strata, which to me stands as one of his most out there sets to date. Here he manages to use his loud, psychedelic experience to launch a bold cosmic journey into the darkest corners of space. Perfect synthesizer build ups to crushing episodes of oscillating synth, pulsating into infinity. 75 copies, in slimline dvd cases. Artwerk by fartjerk. SOLD OUT


Fragments - st c30 [arable tapes, 2008]

Ohio synth duo, creeping out of your Speakers...
Not to be missed... Slow moving organ and synth tones pulling you into a dark but comfortable stormcloud zone reminiscent of Messiaen's organ works and early Klaus Schultze.


The North Sea - Almost Perfect Illusion c20 [blackest rainbow, 2008]

Brad Rose of Digitalis has been busting the North Sea jams for quite sometime, and in the last year or so its developed from being a luscious garden, to a complete metallic desert of industrial waste land, Christian Bale and his co-stars would probably feel at home with this being the soundtrack to the next Terminator flick, and who knows, maybe it will be? The A side, Cyclones, is a pure doom soaked 11 minute beast. Side B's Milk Money is a fuzz layered nightmare of scolding blowtorches burning at your face and mind... Intense and bleak. Bleak forestry cover art, pro dubbed cassettes, limited to 100 copies


Color Dream - Skywalker c20 [blackest rainbow, 2008]

New project from Arbor ruler (aka Treetops) Mike Pollard with former JK Taper, now Mr Young Tapes, Peter Friel... four space related close encounters of the drone kind... sweet and simple, guaranteed to leave you floating somewhere totally cosmic in the outer reaches of mind and space!!! Black and white sleeve and insert designed by the Color Dream boys. Pro dubbed cassettes, limited to 100 copies.


Enfer Boréal - Noiseless Moonbeam Thrill cdr [housecraft, 2008]

Elevated trance and gaze laid directly to thin air. Sources range from green brain magnetics to heightened bionic circulations. Energized hypnosis for micro satellite systems. This is what your white cells hum at cedar knees under wolf cry.
edition of 60


Super Minerals - Multitudes [digitalis, 2009]

There are a lot of good times happening in SoCal these days and the Stunned Records/Magic Lantern crew is responsible for a whole hell of a lot of it. Well, Super Minerals are an important cog in that machine and this duo's intentions are blaring loud and clear on their first proper CD, "Multitudes." This duo of Phil French and William Giachhi may rip it up when they're moonlighting in Magic Lantern, but here they are burning it all down slow.