The North Sea - Almost Perfect Illusion c20 [blackest rainbow, 2008]

Brad Rose of Digitalis has been busting the North Sea jams for quite sometime, and in the last year or so its developed from being a luscious garden, to a complete metallic desert of industrial waste land, Christian Bale and his co-stars would probably feel at home with this being the soundtrack to the next Terminator flick, and who knows, maybe it will be? The A side, Cyclones, is a pure doom soaked 11 minute beast. Side B's Milk Money is a fuzz layered nightmare of scolding blowtorches burning at your face and mind... Intense and bleak. Bleak forestry cover art, pro dubbed cassettes, limited to 100 copies

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  1. Sweet, been wanting to hear this before i buy. Brad id releasing shit way too fast for my humble means to keep up with.


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