Riggs/Darksmith MJC

Darksmith - No Space c30 [mjc, 2009]

Chris Riggs - Smoked Poetry c60 [mjc, 2009]

I'm totally in Love with these two Cassettes
on Canadian Middle James Co.lately, Riggs
brings it with Improvised Guitar Jamz and
Darksmith lets the Tape Machines roll hot
and hotter, RECOMMENDED !!!


NEW Gods Of Tundra cdr's

Wolf Eyes - Moods In Free Time Vol.2 [gods of tundra, 2009]

Birth Refusal - Out Front [gods of tundra, 2009]

Freshly ripped by me, your exclusive Listening
Pleasure-Pack today ;-) ENJOY !!!


Cygnus_Night Movie - Steel On Steel c40 [fag tapes, 2009]

Mystical Experimental Jamzz from Heath Moerland
and his Friend, leaving the normal Field for
awesome Guitar Improvisation and getting made
a fantastic Atmosphere on this highly recommended
Split Cassette on Fag Tapes.


Hair Police - Our Lunar Garden c60 [gods of tundra, 2009]

Hair Police killing it massive with this
instantly sold out new 12 Track Release, letting
them go back to that more Guitar less
true Noise Eruptions only they are able
to create !!


Fragments - Orts Of Glass LP [tusco embassy, 2009]

YES !!! Fragments Guys take you onto a wide Outer Cosmos Journey
on this highly limited Killer Synth Album, one of the last Statements
of Tusco Embassy, Synth Excursions like they should be !!!


Tomasz Bednarczyk - Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow [12k, 2009]

Ah, feels good this Record, beautiful new Ambient Sounds, fresh out
of Poland, kicking 12k back to the strong Outputs after 2 more or less
boring Releases (Pillowdiver, Gorilla Variations...) which were really
disapointing. But Bednarczyk is now here, strange he
is sooo young. Fantastic Artwork Design again by Taylor Deupree.