Kitty dancing to Aphex Twin

Test Transmission 08.08.2016

the test transmission survived because youtube fuckers muted the original 2 hour live mix,
but i try to get contact to youtube, maybe the true mix will be playable soon! t.

Jerry Goldsmith-First Blood Part II Unused Cues-35mm three channel mixes/carolco demo cassette

This is the AMAZING brandnew heavy Intrada 2016 CD Reissue from Jerry Goldsmith' Masterpiece released in 1985,the synth sounds make you breathless and shut up...
presented here is the yet unreleased second cd material of the set,

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Hotel Hungary Series#2

Todays record is magical french Beast with impressing Horn work and James Bond flavours:
Jean Claudric And His Orchestra-Music From The Sky from 1976 presented here in LANDR mix
Download here

Skullorian-Acid Fucks II

Hotel Hungary Series#1

#1 in the now daily or nearly daily updated Hotel Hungary Series, #1 is:
in FLAC is a recent DISCO TORNADO from 1981 on ZKP RTVL i came across with wonderful
seventees jugoslavian lyrics and truly danceable!

click download!

Skullorian is also back!

Nilsen Brothers

Er ist ein Ehemann

skulloria is back online