The Nevari Butchers - Shatter all Organized Activities c30 [hanson, 2009]


Skin Graft - Caged c30 [hermitage, 2009]

Skin Graft finally playing on the first
Line of current Noise Artists, producing intense
Blasts of supreme Mastership.

White Leather - Kitten with a Whip c30 [exbx, 2009]

Bang ! This Cassette Bursts out one of the
finest Moments in current Noise, Blues Noise ?===
Listen and decide yourself, i'm addicted to
this !!! KILLER

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Like a Duck to Water LP [earthquack, 1976]

Finally managed to get my Own Copy of this
Classic Synth Opus, wonderful, hypnotic and Deep
as fuck...i remember Daniel Lopatin once
postet a YouTube Video from them on my MySpace
and so i got into their Music :-D
My own Vinyl Rip of this !

Fragments - Inoculum c20 [hermitage, 2009]

New Jam from this outstanding Group,
excellent as always !!!