Concrete Arteries_Polish Hex - Facial Spore c60 [excite bike, 2009]

Another Banger from the latest ExBx Batch,
each Side long playing 30 Minute Jamz
of the highest Order, wonderful Art.

Celer - Engaged Touches [home normal, 2009]

New Album from Celer, Ambient Masterpiece,
deep as hell and definetely their best Record till'
today... Different to the more melancholic
Keyboard Tunes on their Digitalis Limited cs this
is absolute wonderful Music !!!
The first Edition of 500 Copys is sold out from
the Label itself, maybe some Distros will carry it,
definetely worth buying if you can catch one !!

Mark Lord - Lowest Condition Of Survival c30 [ekhein, 2009]

Ekhein Label just released an awesome new
Batch of Tapes, this is one of em', Kites new
Moniker "Mark Lord" (Bobby Lord?? LOL ;-))
bringing you the KILLER Synth Noise similare
to Aaron Dilloway's Spine Scavenger Project
but no exact Copy of that.