Exhumed Corpse - Crashing cdr [morbid tapes, 2009]

Dour aka Exhumed Corpse, on one Side dark and frightening,
on the other Side relaxing and smooth... Two looong Tracks,
call it Dark Ambient if you want, i call this darkest occult
Noise. Definetely one of the best cdrs i heard lately !
Listen at Night for best Results...


Various Artists - Super Street 23_Dark Halos c60 [fag tapes, 2009]

If you missed the last Tour from Infinity Window
and Sick Llama here is a super cool Chance to
listen to the AWESOME live Sets of these
Monsters of Noise !!! Killer, also with Treetops
and Chain Fight + Cotton Museum Sets !!!!


Sam Goldberg - Winter Hallucinations cdr [pizza night, 2009]

Originally released as 3 Cassettes this is a wonderful
Compilation Album of deepest Guitar Ambient Drone,
so sweet you can get really down to earth listening
carefully...Love it !