The Michigan League For Human Services - Language c90 [american tapes, 2009]

Ultra limited Noise Tape i received
recently, limited to 2 Copys fresh out of
John Olsen's Labor ready to be jammed
by you Friends !!!

Latrine Psychology Guild - Weighted Ghost #X c120 [american tapes, 2009]

Long Jamz from John Olsen, between Experimental
Soundz and harsher Explosions, nice

Oneohtrix Point Never - Young Beidnahga cdr [ruralfaune, 2009]

Big up, Big up, finally new Output from Daniel Lopatin,
going deeper psychedelic with his Synths, reminds me in
parts to Boards of Canada, really outstanding again...
Still available from Ruralfaune, so get your Copy of this
super nice looking cdr !

Surrounded By Gold And Dead - st c40 [fag tapes, 2009]

Misterious brandnew Tape on Fag Tapes,
i think its once again a Heath Moerland
Project, ACE

The Mossy Throats and Ryan Jacari - Boys Will Be Boys c47 [excite bike, 2009]

Total Blast of Mossy Throats, not too Harsh
but detonating and Destructive !!! You have been

Deteriating Agents - Party Having Jurisdiction c60 [american tapes, 2009]

I must have been lucky lately getting one of this
SUPER limited Tapes (lim. 2 !!!), and its a Winner,
great varieed Brain tweaking Tunes for
you real Noise Lovers out there.

Sick Llama - Shadow's Tower c60_Tour Tape [fag tapes, 2009]

Fresh from the recent Tour
with Infinity Window, this is another
great Noise Tape from Sick Llama,
long and really solid Output, both Sides
are Premium Stuff.

Barf Thoth - Pinhole Existence c33 [fag tapes, 2009]

Barf Thoth is another Moniker of Heath Moerland.
New Batch of his Label Fag Tapes is total Killer
lately and on this included Tape hes gettin'
into Dark DroneSpheres and Playing with
obscure Voices on the second Side, im very sure
that the Samples are German Language haha, so cool

Ajilvsga - The Black Mouth Society c60 [tavarn keben, 2009]

Pretty good Work from Brad and Nathan
on this Tape on French Label, the Drone builds
up more and more into a Meditavie Scenario,
check it out...

Latrine Psychology Guild - Weighted Ghost #V c40 [american tapes, 2009]

Damn, what a massive new Noise Tape, John Olsen
back in Full Effect showing what is possible
creating with his Machines, if you miss this
it's your own Fault... got few more AM Tapes
yesterday, will rip em too, for your Pleasure Friends
haha !

Sick Llama - Come And Get It Live cdr [fag tapes, 2009]

Raw live Cuts from the Mighty Sick Llama,
giving you a great Look Inside whats goin' on
at his Live Shows.

Caboladies - Psychic Birthmark cdr [smoothtapes, 2008]

Lexington Guys Jammin' 5 psychedelic
Pieces, High in the Sky, dope Keyboards,
Voices and a deep feeling for Tunes make
this a nice cdr, BUY AND SUPPORT !