Menche is the Drone King ! He released Tonz of awesome Releases over
a Decade and here is his new MP3 Release Slammer on Touch UK Spire Series,
check it !

320kb WEB mp3


Christopher McFall - The Body as I Left It [Sourdine, 2010]

McFall is a interesting Sound Artist, i always enjoyed his dark
Field Recording Ambient Music. Now here we have his brandnew
Album on Sourdine, going also into Musique Concrete, check it out !

320kb Mp3


Andrew Coltrane - Faded Empire 6xc30_BOXSET [hermitagetapes, 2010]

Destroying brandnew 180 Minute MONSTER BOXSET by Andrew Coltrane,
limited to only 10 Copys, instantly Sold Out.
12 Sides of uncompromising Harsh Metallic Nightmares that
don't let any Questions left !!! You have been warned !

320kb MP3