Robert Turman_Aaron Dilloway - Split c30 [hanson, 2008]

Split release between myself and Robert Turman. Robert was an original member of NON back in the late 1970’s appearing on the first 7-inch MODE OF INFECTION. He released a number of very limited solo cassettes throughout the 80’s, including the monster 8-cassette box set CHAPTER ELEVEN (1976-1987). He and I have been working on remastering his old tapes over the last year, and Robert has also starting recording and performing again. His side of this cassette is just a taste of what is to become an onslaught of new recordings and unearthed classic industrial RT material to be released on HANSON. Twisted voices, waves of static hiss, disorienting and bizarre horn and string melodies, looped and delayed into a perfectly paced piece of surreal sound. My side is influenced by my recent collaboration recordings with Cleveland scumbag Wyatt Howland aka SKIN GRAFT. A confusing meld of organic and electronic sounds recorded using 8-track loops of synth, metal percussion, and radio static.

-Aaron Dilloway, December 2008

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