New Kimberly Dawn + Discography

Lovely brandnew Batch. This Picture aboth is from Frank Baugh himself , he's also here on
the Blog. I hope its okay dear Frank to Post them here, if you don't like that, i remove asap :-)

Archers by the Sea - They All Dreamt They Were Bears 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Interstates (etc.) - Sanctuary of Memories 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Ttotals - Annimal Skkulls 3'' cdr [kimberly dawn, 2010] FLAC

Here is the entire Discography up to KimDawn023 in FLAC,
you need all 5 Volumes to unpack, ENJOY !

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