W. Ravenveer - Ogenloos_one sided c50 [taped sounds, 2008]

coded person W.V. is a respected member of the Antwerp core of autodidact musicians. while others of that core try to get into the circle of wrong, W.V. keeps focussing on his own brains and hands. not interested in getting to play at local art exhibitions or braindead gatherings, W.V. gives room for his own moments of contemplating braindeadism. his main translation is the synthesizer. on this album, we are given a carefull peak in one of the two professions of W.V. profession one is spaced out code patterns wich we will look into soon on a split with our pals at Breaking World Records. profession two is the progressive synth emotional pondering in the old school style. and we look at it NOW. this cassette is the deep blues of ADELBERT VON DEYEN in the mix of a lonely soul and a misunderstood heart. intensely fantastic with a touch of pure. this is melancholic, deep down under communications in the esoteric energy structure.


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